Svetlyachki by Alla Ilyasova – dir. Colleen Britt
"The story moves in ways that are unexpected, considering the almost 100 years that stand between us and the events taking place"
"These actors are most certainly no longer children, and yet their physicality and vocal choices are very successful in creating the environment of a dangerous children’s battleground"
"Has the vibe of a Soviet Spring Awakening"

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin, adapted by Colleen Britt, Linda van Kesteren and Debra Hess.
“Director-choreographer-producers Colleen Britt and Linda van Kesteren–who also adapted the story with Debra Hess– are to be congratulated.  And profusely thanked.  “A” grades all around!"
"This dance-based performance really has done a lovely, lovely and well-thought-out job bringing to life a published book written and illustrated by Grace Lin." 

Insignificant – dir. Colleen Britt
"entertaining, provocative, and informative"- The Huffington Post 

"… a treat for anyone who likes their theater to be as educational as it is entertaining" -

Censored on Final Approach – dir. Colleen Britt
“This play continues IVP's tradition of producing works that underscore the pivotal but often overlooked roles women have played throughout history.” –

“…presenting the sidelined stories in a theatrical manner…the audience will be able to reconcile the reality of historic war conflict as a personal and human event.” –

 Clare’s Room @NYC Fringe Festival – dir. Colleen Britt
Clare's Room is brilliant. The story is rich and the acting is fantastic. The flashbacks mesh perfectly with what's going on in the present. The play is golden, showing how warm characters with the best intentions can make a family so cold.” –